Outfits: When Someone Else Pays Full Price First (EN)

If you have been reading our blog you might know that Marlene is our vintage shopping Queen. Jule and me are beginners. We both had the picture in mind that vintage shopping only means that you have to dig through piles over piles of old and worn out clothes which are either not in our size or out of style. Marlene proved us wrong by taking us to a vintage shopping date in The City! This was an eye opening event for Jule and me! We found unique original vintage dresses from the 20s, brand new/almost new designer pieces (50%-80% off from the original price) or some really nice treasures. You just need to know where to go.

Now three outfits with our vintage finds. All from:

Marlene’s sweater
I probably don’t need another sweater in grey. But with the weather getting colder, everything looking cozy and warm gets my attention. Wool is my favorite material to wear for the whole winter. Especially the sweater that found me. Grey is always in style, the relaxed shape and the soft wool makes this sweater comfortable and chic at the same time; I just love it!

Sweater: Vintage JCrew
Shorts: Vintage Theory
Boots: Marc O´Polo (old)
Sunglasses: Kiomi (old)

Jule’s coat
This coat would have never caught my attention. Probably because its not black! My favorite color of all time even though I know that my mom and friends are tired of seeing me wearing black. Marlene picked this coat for me and luckily she could convince me to try it on. Ever since I am truly in love with this coat. Yes, surprisingly I love the color. I love the shape, material and simply everything about it.

Coat: Vintage JCrew
Sweater: Chris V Neck Sweater
Jeans: R+ A Road to Awe
Shoes: Converse
Scarf: COS
Bag: Vintage

Meng’s sandals
When I saw this UNWORN pair of sandals I got seriously excited. I am picky when it comes to sandals. They need to have excellent quality, looking stunning on its own and make my short legs look longer. Most importantly, I need to be able to walk (a bit) in them. All requirements are fulfilled by these pair of Brian Atwood shoes. Brian Atwood shoes are heavy investment pieces. It made my day that these shoes were discounted by 80% and mainly because its in size 6 (36.5). I was never happier about the size of my feet.

Sandals: Vintage Brian Atwood
Shirt: JCrew
Vest: Juliette Jake
Jeans: JCrew
Sunglasses: MiuMiu

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Embracing NYC Indian Summer in 2 Days – Visit from Germany (EN)

If you live in NYC, you probably won’t have a lack of visitors. This weekend I was thrilled to have one of my best friends Ira from Germany staying with us for the weekend.  Ira was even more excited to be in The City, which she knew from her internship back in 2003. However, this is still a first time. The first time of being 4 nights away from her two kids!

I love the moment of every single reunion with a family member or a friend and most of them have some kind of goodies for Philipp or us. No exception with Ira! In fact, Ira’s suitcase was half filled with kids books, toys, countless organic healthy toddler snacks and other gifts for Philipp. All made in Germany. For us this was Christmas in Fall!

Thanks to my husband and our babysitter, Ira and I basically had two days without kids ahead of us… fully packed with things we wanted to do. Two very intense days where we tried to embrace The City to the fullest. Two days without constantly pushing a stroller. Two days where we were actually able to finish our own sentences without any interruptions. …just time for us from heart to heart.

While I am writing this blog post, Ira is on the plane back to her sweet sweet home and I still have her words in my mind when she arrived: its good to be back… it smells like New York.

Our Highlights:

Breakfast stop at The Jane Hotel. Simply a lovely and cozy boutique hotel with impressive history (e.g. the hotel used to host the Titanic survivors) located in West Village. We had a quiet breakfast with very yummy food. The perfect contrast to the buzzing City and not touristy at all.
(Good place also to go with kids)

Morning walk on the Highline. The Highline used to be an abandoned railway before it was repurposed to linear park running from Gansevoort Street to ~34th Street (1.45miles/2.3km long). An amazing spot to embrace Indian Summer (apart from Central Park).


Whitney Museum of American Art
This Museum was closed in 2014 and reopened at a new location on May 2015 in West Village/Meatpacking District. The new location/architecture of this Museum alone is worth seeing and on the higher floors of the Museum you will have an amazing view of Downtown and the Hudson River. We both loved the fact that this Museum is much smaller than e.g. MoMA or The MET where I always get lost at some point. However, there is still enough to see with an art collection of 21,000 works all during twentieth and twenty first centuries laid out on 7 floors.
(Unfortunately the elevators in this museum are always overcrowded. I would recommend to take the elevator directly to the 7th floor and walk your way down.)


Bleecker Street. We both love the area around Bleecker Street. With Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker and knowing that Sarah Jessica Parker lives in this neighborhood, this part of The City always reminds me of “Sex and the City”.

Upper East Side. We also took a long walk on Madison Avenue and Park Avenue. On Madison Avenue you can find all the designer boutiques from Celine to Hermes. The perfect spot for us to do some window shopping and to do a stop at Laduree to have the best macarones on this planet.

Other Favorite Places to Eat:
The East Pole (UES)
Warm and cosy. A great place to have brunch or lunch if you are on the Upper East Side.

Fig & Olive (Midtown)
Clean and chic. An excellent modern Mediterranean cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. Ideally, go there without kids as space is limited.

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Mein Lieblingsplatz im West Village (DE)

Mein Lieblingsspielplatz liegt im West Village in der Bleecker Street.

Ich habe ihn an einem Tag im Sommer ganz zufällig gefunden. Eigentlich war ich gerade auf der Suche nach Carries Appartment (ihr wisst schon, die weltberühmten Treppen zur Wohnung irgendwo südlich der Highline, nur wenige hundert Meter von der Magnolia Bakery entfernt).

Mittlerweile ist aus dem Zufallsfund unser Lieblingsspielplatz geworden. Das hat (neben der Nähe zu Magnolia) einen weiteren, wichtigen Grund:

Der Spielplatz ist voller Spielzeug. Hier wird mit allen geteilt. Und das Spielzeug wird von allen Kindern heißer als das eigene geliebt (zumindest die fünf Minuten bis das nächste Spielzeug wieder toller ist).

Kleine Roller, Bälle, Küchen, Dreiräder, Eimerchen, Schippen, Förmchen, Laufräder (und für die Mamas eine Toilette und ein Wickelraum).

Für Bo und alle anderen Kinder ist dieser Ort das Kinderschlaraffenland. Eine Utopie mit Sandkiste.

Ich habe noch nie gesehen, dass irgendjemand das Spielzeug eigensinnig mitnimmt. Oder sich daran bereichert. Als Ostberlinerin geht mir da natürlich das Herz auf.

Und es beschleicht mich das Gefühl, dass einige Eltern auch ein bisschen froh sind, manch buntes Plastikmonstrum vom letzten Kindergeburtstag klammheimlich aussetzen zu können.

Am Ende gewinnen alle. Gelebter Sozialismus. Und das ausgerechnet in der Welthauptstadt des Kapitalismus.


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Muffins in The City – Gluten Free Banana Muffins (DE/EN)

Herbst in NYC ist traumhaft, sonnig und warm, also machten wir noch ein paar kleine Picknicks im Sakura Park. Das Backrohr wurde aufgedreht und los ging es mit der Muffinbackstube.

Man braucht:

3 große reife Bananen
170 gr Zucker
2 Eier
75 gr Kokosöl oder Butter
2 TL Natron
180 gr Gluten freies Mehl
100 gr Gehackte Schokolade

Backrohr auf 190 °C vorheizen.
Zucker und Eier verrühren. Zerdrückte Bananen, Öl, Natron und Mehl dazu mischen. Schokolade zum Schluss dazugeben.
Löffelweise in die vorbeiredeten Muffinformen füllen und 20 backen.


This fall The City has been sunny and warm so we had quite few picnics at the Sakura Park. Baking muffins seemed like the perfect idea for me.

You need:

3 large ripe bananas
¾ cup sugar
2 eggs
1/3 cup coconut oil or melted butter
2 tsp. baking soda
1 ½ cups gluten free flour
½ cup chocolate chips

Preheat oven 375 F.
Sugar and slightly beaten eggs. Add mashed bananas, oil, baking soda and flour. Add chocolate chips.
Scoop into prepared muffin cups. Bake in oven for 20 min.


Miezenfähigkeiten – Drei Tage in den New Yorker Catskills (DE/EN)

Wenn man an New York denkt, denkt man oft daran, wie laut, voll und wuselig diese Stadt ist. Ich habe hier schon ein paar Ruheoasen gefunden. Aber es gibt noch viel mehr. Zwei Stunden westlich liegt eine andere Welt.

Die Catskills. Indian Summer in Smalltown America. Holzhacken, Ofen an, eingerollt in gemütliche Decken dicke Bücher lesen. Gemeinsam kochen – ein bisschen kitschig klingt das schon. Und ein bisschen wunderbar.

Doch der Reihe nach:
Je weiter wir uns von Manhattan entfernten, umso mehr hatte ich das Gefühl in eine Filmkulisse zu fahren. Und tatsächlich: Dirty Dancing spielt in den Catskills (wurde aber aus Budgetgründen woanders gedreht).

Als wir in der Hütte (die wir über Airbnb gefunden haben) ankommen, bekommen wir alle das Grinsen nicht aus dem Gesicht. Es ist perfekt. Bo ist begeistert und wirbelt durch das bunte Laub. Jedes Blatt wird umgedreht, jeder Stein angeschaut. Der kleine Räuber zieht pausenlos einen rostigen Bollerwagen um die Hütte, schaut sich den plätschernden Fluss an und strahlt über das ganze Gesicht.

Im Haus gibt es nur wenige CDs, also tanzen wir die nächsten Tage zu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEb4HzgILUU in Endlosschleife. Keine andere Musik würde besser hierher passen.

In Jogginghosen liegen wir in der Hängematte vor dem Haus. Und lassen die Zeit vorbeirauschen. Manhattans Trubel ist hier ganz weit weg.



Fall in love – Three Days in the Catskills

When you think about New York City you think about a loud, crowded and bustling city. I found some quiet places in the city over the last couple of months. But I just discovered another world. And it is just two hours west from Manhattan.

The Catskills. Indian Summer in small town America. Chopping wood. Reading books covered in warm blankets in front of a cosy oven. Cooking with friends. It’s all a little bit cheesy. And a little bit wonderful.

And here’s what happened:
The further we went west from Manhattan the more we thought to be arriving on a film set. And actually Dirty Dancing is playing in the Catskills (and was supposed to be shot there. They only shot it elsewhere for budget reasons).

When we arrive in our cabin in the woods (that we found with Airbnb) everyone is smiling. Because it’s plain perfect. Bo is rushing through the woods, turning every colorful leave, examining every stone of the creek behind our cabin. At some point he found a rusty waggon and carried it around with him for the rest of the time.

In the cabin we turned of Spotify, iTunes and all that modern stuff and stuck to the bunch of CDs that we found, dancing to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEb4HzgILUU Ella Fitzgerald is running on heavy rotation. No other music would fit better to the mood of our little group.

We wear sweatpants all day and lay in the hammock behind the house. Time’s flying by. And Manhattan sure is further away than the actual two hours.

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Grocery Shopping – Manhattan Style (EN)

2015-05-16 15.14.31

Let me tell you what it’s like to get some groceries with Emma in a stroller. Outside The City you have these enormous stores like WalMart or Costco with huge carts, wide aisle and a variety of food in oversized packages and with everything you need or don’t need. Manhattan is different. There are a lot of options for food shopping and the stores are often bigger from the inside than what you first imagine, but they are still very small. The aisles are incredibly narrow and often also used as storage space for stacks of cans or boxes. You can either maneuver a half-sized cart or carry a hand basket for getting through this jungle. Oh and don’t forget having Emma in stroller makes it even more fun. Let me paint you a little picture here. Entrance: Fruits and vegetable court, temperature 8°C/46°F. An overwhelming view; nicely prepared piles of perfect fruits. Huge oranges, colorful apples, spotless peppers. All huge in size, all flawless, all organic (?) and all quite pricy. I grab two pieces of each and just as I make the first turn I have to yield to an older lady struggling with her new iPhone.

Anyway Emma smiles while I place her in the stroller and try to find an alternative route to aisle 2: rice and noodles. For some reasons the aisles in New Yorker supermarket are designed to be 60cm in width; the stroller is 56cm in width leaving me 2 cm on each side to navigate. Milk and frozen goods; temperature 0°C/32°F. After a few weeks living in NYC, I know exactly where the things are that we need and so we can escape this freezing deathtrap in no time. I wouldn’t have time to look for them anyway as Emma is getting twitchy and wants to walk again. Toilet paper and cleaning goods. At this point I’m not shopping anymore I’m collecting; collecting what Emma kindly placed on the floor for me. Check out. Fun fact: New Yorker conveyor belts are 30cm long, can hold up to 4 items at a time and operate at a speed of 15cm per second, leaving me about 1 second to get the stuff on and off the belt and another second the pick-up whatever Emma has dropped again. Credit Card out, swipe, sign, thank you….DONE.

Tips and Tricks

  • Best shopping time is early in the morning, worse time is around noon where everybody is getting lunch.
  • Most stores provide delivery. So you can do all the shopping yourself and then have everything delivered home within an hour. Or you just order online.
  • For 40$ you can get a shopping cart which really pays off in The City and it also can be used as a second stroller.
  • There are other options for grocery shopping especially when you need a little more. Costco; a huge consumer temple where you get lots for less. It’s located in East Harlem. This place is crazy. It’s more like an IKEA storehouse for all sorts of products and the sizes of the packs are gigantic. They don’t have a huge variety of brands and sizes, but they have pretty much everything. When you get out of the store you will have pasta, rice, cereal and oil… for the next 6 months for sure. Lucky there are cabs waiting just outside the store to take you home.
    You will have to get a membership, 50$ /year and this pays off after your first big purchase.
  • Next to Costco you find also an Aldi (German discount supermarket chain).

In einem Möbelstück durch Manhattan (DE)

Eine der wichtigsten Lektionen in New York: Platz ist Mangelware. Die New Yorker sind die Könige platzsparender Einrichtungsideen. Es wird gezaubert, ausgeklappt, zusammengeklappt oder doppelt genutzt.
Jetzt habe ich bei einem Streifzug durch Brooklyn einen neuen kleinen Schatz gefunden. In einer Nebenstraße der Bedford Avenue vor einem kleinen Trödelladen auf dem Fußweg stand er:
Mindestens 40 Jahre alt, an allen Ecken und Enden abgeschrabbelt und mit roten Radkappen – unser neuer Bo-llerwagen.
Als uns die Verkäuferin dann auch noch erzählte, dass sie früher selbst darin gefahren ist, war es um mich geschehen. Ich liebe Dinge mit Geschichte. Die Jungs haben den Wagen direkt in einen Holzporsche umgewandelt. Und während die beiden damit durch Brooklyns Nebenstraßen geheizt sind, bin ich im Kopf schon die Optionen durchgegangen.
Wie bauen wir den Bollerwagen geschickt in unsere Wohnung ein? Denn Dinge dieser Größenordnung brauchen in New Yorker Wohnungen eine Zweitverwertung, wenn man nicht gerade mit ihnen draußen unterwegs ist.
Weil Bo gleichzeitig Besuch von seiner italienischen Nonna hatte und kistenweise mit neuem Spielzeug eingedeckt wurde, brauchten wir sowieso gerade neuen Stauraum. Stauraum für Bücher, sein neues Xylophon, Autos, Bagger und Plastik-Smartphones in allen Farben und Größen. Passt ja perfekt.

Nachdem wir drei Tage am Stück mit unserem Bo-llerwagen durch die Stadt gezogen sind, steht er nun hier. Bis zum nächsten Ausflug.

Kidsroom. Bollerwagen.