Summer Escape… The Hamptons (EN)

Ever since we moved from Germany to New York people have been telling us that summer in the City can be unbearable. A great option to escape the heat for many New Yorkers would be the Hamptons with its endless white sand beaches and much much bearable (in fact very pleasant) climate.

After experiencing the first couple of HOT days we were happy to leave the urban jungle behind us and we went on our first Hamptons weekend getaway in June this year.  With Philipp who hates to sit in a car more than 10 minutes we picked a family-friendly B&B in Hampton Bays (South Hamptons/2 hours car drive) to be our first destination. Simply because its closer to New York than any other villages in East Hamptons would have been. We were extremely lucky with the weather but also with the B&B we picked online.


Well what should I say… my family and I fell in love with the Hamptons as our expectations were fulfilled in every respect.  It was simply the perfect contrast to the busy and hectic life in Manhattan (reachable by car within 2 hours). We all enjoyed the cooling sea breeze; Philipp played all day on the white sand beaches; my husband loved the refreshing rocky waves (he is not a big fan if the ocean has the temperature of a bathtub; wandering around through those cute neighborhoods and eating Gelato. If someone would ask me for a comparable scenery and climate in Europe it would be the North Sea (e.g. Norderneyor Sylt).

And of course, what about all the stereotypes we heard about the Hamptons long before we even moved to the US? The legendary Hamptons, a place where the old and new rich spend their summer vacations, where the A-list celebrities have their mansions with private beaches … Well yes, those are true… in fact you will see countless of those amazing houses (mansions) and of course South/East Hamptons have some posh restaurants and boutiques to offer. But there are simply so many other options off the A-List things to do, as well.

Things to Consider:
  • The Hamptons is definitely on the pricy side… However if you are travelling in the east coast area and want to have the Hamptons experience then go.
  • The Hamptons is NOT one cute village but a group of villages…different villages have different flairs…Do some research.
  • Considering the geographic size of the Hamptons the choice of hotels is quite limited. But there are other options e.g. rent a house (with friends to share the costs) or nice B&B. Air BnB is also a good option.
  • Car would be needed for a vacation in the Hamptons.
  • Public beaches with parking are available (parking fees between ~20-40 USD per day).
  • Even in the summer the water temperature is quite refreshing (not the perfect bathtub for little babies but perfect for toddlers/parents).
  • It can get chilly any time…always have sweaters (fleece would be ideal)/caps for kids and parents.
  • Buy healthy snacks at grocery stores and take them with you to the beach.
  • Watch out for seagulls at the beach … they are not cute and are probably after your snacks.
Favorite Places to Go:

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