“Frozen”…Winter Skincare (EN)

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While Jule is experiencing her first “winter” (and she is lucky because this one is so mild … except for blizzard Jonas) in NYC for me it’s the second. My first winter here was brutal! I was literally shock frozen mentally and physically by how extremely cold and windy it can get. It was a torture for the skin! Dry patches on my face, cracked lips and chapped hands…I guess like most of us when the weather conditions are harsh.

Anyway…below are some of my favorite winter skincare products.

I don’t have many specific face creams that I would only use in the winter. Most of the time I would simply add two products into my routine.  A base before my moisturizer and a face oil when I feel that my moisturizer becomes to lightweight in the colder months (you can do the same with body creams by adding oil).

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel: My base. I love this clean and simple product with it’s key ingredient hyaluronic acid which helps to bind moisture to the skin. In addition, this product is enriched with vitamin B5 which suppose to maximize the benefit of the daily moisturizer. My skin feels heavenly hydrated after the application. However, this product does not replace a moisturizer!!

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil: Face oils. I truly think that everyone should have one! You just have to find the right one depending on your skin type. My current favorite is the Seaberry face oil. It’s super lightweight and a pure blend of some very good antioxidant-rich oils. It absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling greasy. I use this alone in the night or mixed it in to a moisturizer (1-2 drops) in the morning. Seaberry in the name refers to sea buckthorn oil which has been knowing for its healing property e.g. in the Chinese medicine for a long time.

General advise: Try to use a gentler cleanser that is more hydrating (e.g cleansing milk or oil) rather than using cleanser with a foam formulation.

Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream:
 I haven’t quite found the ultimate perfect hand cream for very harsh winter conditions which is very nourishing but not greasy and only contains good ingredients (no silicones, no parabens or paraffin based). However, this one from Dr. Hauschka is a great one. It has a nice rich texture without being too thick and absorbs quickly into the skin. The scent is very herbal which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm: Definitely one of my favorite lip balms especially for the colder months. When you tend to have dry and cracked lips try this one. It contains a lot of great ingredients e.g. shea butter, almond oil, honey derivates. The texture is thick but not sticky. The lips will feel hydrated and nourished right after the application. The finish is surprisingly more matt and not glossy. One cons: not a fan of the jar packaging.

Weleda Cold Cream:  This cream was my life saver during my last winter. I would use it for face and hands when I didn’t had time to fuss around. It can be used alone or on the top of your moisturizer depending on your needs. An allround product which is ideal if you don’t want to add x, y and z products to your daily routine.
Conventional moisturizers usually combine waxes with water and oils. The wax would help to seal moisture in the skin. This cold cream is enriched with almond oil to nourish the skin and it contains beeswax to seal the moisture. I love the natural ingredients (free of petroleum). An all time favorite.

I also want to quickly add Jule’s and Bo’s favorite product for outdoor in the colder months:
Weleda Wind und Wetterbalsam: the prove that if something is good for baby skin it can not be wrong for mommy’s skin as well. A product that is well know in Germany but unfortunately not available in the US.

Please let me know if you have any winter skincare holy grails!

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  1. ich bin immer dankbar über Gesichtscreme-Tipps… ich habe irgendwie das gefühl, dass sich die Haut schnell an ein Produkt gewöhnt bzw. das produkt eine Zeitspanne gut tut, dann allerdings (nach ca. 2 Jahren) die Haut wieder andere Bedrüfnisse hat. Ergeht es dir da auch so?
    Ich werde das eine oder andere Prosukt einmal probieren. Ich persönlich benutze zur Zeit Origins und bin super zufrieden.
    Alles Liebe und vergiss nicht ORDENTLICH ZU CREMEN :)
    Alles Liebe
    Misses Popisses



    1. Hallo liebe Misses Popisses!
      Ich liebe es Marken zu entdecken die nicht so bekannt sind und ich achte viel auf Inhaltsstoffe. Ansonsten stehen bei mir unheimlich viele Sachen rum weil ich sehr gerne ausprobiere. Deshalb rotieren die Produkte bei mir fast täglich. Schau Dir noch mal die Marke “Tata Harper” an. Die Sachen werden in Vermont hergestellt. Grosse Empfehlung!
      Ja ich creme ganz fleissig!
      Ganz liebe Grüße!

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