DIY: Kids’ Movie Night NY Style (EN)


This week for most pre-schools and schools in the US the school year has officially ended and the summer break of 10-12 weeks has started.

To celebrate the end of the school year and to kick off the summer we have been invited by friends to join for a kids’ movie night. And yes people here love to celebrate and there are many occasions to do so!

It was a spontaneous invitation which turned out to be genius!!! The “little” cute backyard (spacious and generally rare for Manhattan) of our friends’ town house was turned into a relaxing chill out zone for the parents on the one side and the other side of the backyard was the movie zone for the kids. Since the gender ratio was not quite balanced this evening (6 boys vs 1 girl) the movie “CARS” was picked out and I was happy that I didn’t have to watch “Frozen”.

To warm up the kids for the movie they could paint their own “cars” made out of cardboards. To be honest this was the best idea of the evening. So simple but extremely effective! All kids were highly motivated to paint and to decorate their car(dboard)s. They were allowed to take blankets, pillows and of course “drinks” with popcorn into their OWN car(dboard)s. So there was not one single fight about mine or yours or running around!

Once the movie started we all had our glass of wine (orange juice for me) in our hand and peace of mind with 7 happy kids!


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Homemade Wrapping Paper (DE/EN)

Unsere Kleine liebt es zu malen, ob mit Wachsblöckchen, Buntstiften, Wasser- oder Fingerfarben, bei uns wird täglich gemalt. Also haben wir uns an einem selbst bemalten Geschenkpapier versucht. Das war ganz einfach und hat großen Spaß gemacht.

Das Papier ist übrigens sehr gut angekommen freu mich schon auf baldige Geburtstage.

Falls sich irgendjemand fragt warum mein Kind ein weißes Shirt trägt; naja ich dachte sie wird schon am Papier malen… HAHAHAHA. Das restliche Chaos hielt sich aber in Grenzen.

Man braucht:
1 weißes Packpapier-Rolle
1-2 Pinsel
Wasserfarben oder Fingerfarben

Ich habe Emma nur 4 Farben geben sonst hätte sie alle Farben zusammengemischt und es wäre vermutlich ein einziger Braunton entstanden.

Bei den Farben darauf achten, dass sie auswaschbar sind



Our girl loves any kind of drawing. She is panting/drawing basically every day. So we tried to make our own wrapping paper. It was really easy and a lot of fun. The wrapping paper was a blast and we are looking forward to the next birthdays coming up.

If anybody was wondering why my child is wearing a white shirt, well I thought she will only paint on the paper… HAHAHAHA

You need:
1 white wrapping paper
1-2 brushes
Water colors or finger paints


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